Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mani's & Pedi's!

Class started for me this week, and I finally have a little time to blog! Before I got back to my apartment at college, my mom and I went and got our nails and toes done. This time, we went to a salon that had the OPI Axxium Shellac, opposed to the CND Shellac. I honestly think that the OPI Shellac is WAY better. I have had 3 CND Shellac manicures before, and only one left me "impressed." The others started lifting between 7-10 days. I know they are only supposed to last for two weeks...but seriously. I'm going on two weeks now with the OPI Axxium, there is not a chip in sight and they are still super shiny. OH, AND OPI HAS *TONS* OF COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM....unlike CND Shellac!

That's my nails right after I got them done. They STILL look like that except obviously there is some growth between my nail and cuticle. I'm not sure the name of that color, because the salon I went to had swatches and a numbering that was just color #37 to me. 

Oh, and I also got my toes done. I apologize for my sandy toes, but I had just gotten home from the beach! This color is OPI Designer Series in Extravagence. Love it!

I'm pretty sure I have the littlest toe nails EVER. 

Have you had Shellac Manicures? What are you experiences?


  1. This color is seriously gorg!! love it

  2. love the shades. So chic!xx

  3. I've never had it done before on my nails but they look amazing on you! xoxoxoo

  4. @Fashion Cappuccino, you should try it! i will never go back to a regular manicure at a salon!

  5. I never have time for manicures and for my job I have to keep my nails clear. But I love your toes ;)

  6. I love your nail color. So pretty. I wish you knew what it was because I would love to add it to my collection. I have never had shellac. I usually just get solar nails since I tan and self tan.