Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remington T-Studio Curling Wand.

This is my recent obsession!! I have seen a lot of tutorials on YouTube with girls using the ConAir Curling Wand. Now that my hair has grown out from an angled bob completely, I decided to finally pick a curling wand up.

The wand has a "ceramic pearl finish" which is supposed to offer the smoothest possible finish. I find this to be true, my hair is way less frizzy (especially the next day) than when I have used a regular curling iron. It also includes a heat protectant glove, which I find to be worthless. It's too big and bulky to curl hair with.  The wand heats up to 410 degrees. I usually curl my hair in the high 300s. The best thing about curling your hair with this, is that it lasts for a couple days. I like my curls even more the next day...plus it keeps the shine along with it. It's also very fast to use, it probably takes me 15-20 minutes to do my entire head. After I'm done, I spray my head with hair spray and tousle the curls to separate them a bit.

I paid $25 for this baby, which is $5 cheaper than the ConAir one. I definitely recommend it!


  1. I love that finish, but I usually have trouble curling my hair given its tremendous length!

  2. very cute curls, i need that wand from Remington. i like your blog a lot and the vintage background is super cute! <3 greetings from Finland! i'm a follower now ;)

  3. i like the look - i may try it as well.

  4. Your curls look so pretty :) im now following.

  5. Result is amaizing! x