Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nail Polish Storage

I have recently become more obsessed with buying nail polish. I honestly never though I would get so into it. This month I am banning myself from purchasing any nail polish. I was at Ulta today and had two polishes in my hand...and then I put them both back. Talk about discipline!

I have been browsing Pinterest looking for nail polish storage ideas. I used to have my polish sitting on the shelves of a mini bookcase. I decided I wanted to use that to display my perfume instead, so I couldn't figure out what to do with my nail polish.

I could not find any ideas I liked on Pinterest. I didn't want to shell out a bunch of money to buy a nail polish rack that goes on the wall...maybe someday! Instead I was at Hobby Lobby today and they were having a 50% off sale on all glass. I spotted this glass bowl and knew it would be perfect for my nail polish. I also bought some black rocks to put on the bottom of the bowl. I know that you are supposed to store your nail polish upright, but I am going more for look than practicality! Ha. It also might be annoying to dig around to find a color I want...but at this point I just like the little display on my dresser! 

I also bought some glass to store my brushes in. I will make a post on those once my brushes are all clean and pretty. Hobby Lobby has such great decor, and they are ALWAYS have some sort of sale! 

How do you store your polish?

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty Resolutions!

                                          Happy New Year beauties!

I have so many different products that get pushed aside. I am going to go through all my makeup and try to rotate products that have been stashed away for awhile. I love that feeling of beginning to use a product I bought awhile ago, but completely forgot about it. I am also going to do a makeup spending ban for a month...I haven't decided which month yet. I wanted to do it this month, but I need a new that would already be cheating!! Maybe I'll do it in February...since February is a *short* month. ;)

I am seriously, THE WORST at cleaning my brushes. I can't believe I am going to admit this, but once I went about 8 months without cleaning them. (I know what you're thinking...). I have been pretty good lately, but I want to start cleaning them ONCE per week. I really need to hold myself to this one!

I have fallen into this habit where I do not wash my face in the morning. I do a full routine at night, but in the morning I will just put on moisturizer, or I will wipe my face off with some sort of makeup removing wipe. I need to get back into cleansing my face fully, because obviously freshly cleaned skin is going to make your makeup look better!

I have many hair masks and face masks that do not get enough attention. I want to use a hair mask at least twice per week! I also want to use my Origins Clear Improvements Mask at least once per week. Between going to the gym and doing hot yoga, my face really needs a mask to bring all the impurities out of it.

-I know everyone says it, but lots of water is really important. Not only does it make your skin and hair look better, it also flushes toxins out of your body. I go on major water kicks, and then I can go without drinking water for days (terrible)! As long as I have Crystal Light packets, then I will be able to drink a lot....who cares if I'm going to the bathroom every 20 minutes right!?

*Workout 5x per week
-I have a gym membership and also a hot yoga membership, so I have no excuse not to go. One of my favorite workout motivation quotes it, "You never regret the workout you did, you always regret the one you didn't do."  -SO TRUE!

-I love blogging and reading blogs, but I tend to neglect my blog! I want to blog more and make more videos for my Youtube Channel.

I hope you all have a fabulous 2012!