Friday, September 9, 2011

Deal Alert: Yankee Candles!

So I am sure several people who read this blog are just as obsessed with fall scented candles as I am. Last weekend Bath & Body Works had their candles on sale, and I was so bummed that I missed it! I literally live for anything fall or pumpkin scented. I was talking to my friend Katie, and she told me that Yankee Candle was having a sale. Of course, I had to jump on that and...

I purchased Autumn Leaves and Autumn Wreath! The best part? ONE WAS FREE. Yankee has pretty pricey candles (although they are worth it, the scents are amazing), the 22 ounce candle is normally $25.99. Walking away with two of these babies for only $25.99 is quite the steal. I wanted more, but I told myself NO! 

There are two coupons you can print. One is for the Buy One, Get One and the other is $10 off any candle $25 or more. Unfortunately, they cannot be combined.

 *only valid until Sept 11th*

*valid until Sept 25th*

Happy candle shopping!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE Autumn Wreath! Ugh I am such a sucker for holiday scents. They always smell the best! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yankee candles are my favourite!!! They're absolutely amazing :) I haven't tried either of these ones though so I'm definitely going to get at least one of them :)

    Gem x

  3. I love these candles.

    Emma x